Joe Biden, the debate and my new job

By: John Richards Posted: October 8, 2012 No Comments

Okay, I’m sorry!! Yes. I was one of those people the Labor Department called when they came up with 600,000 new part-time jobs last month. When they asked me if I was working, “I said part-time but it’s only going to last a month or so.” The guy replied “who cares, it’s a job”. Then he wanted to know what I was doing, something about putting it in the correct category. He also said “Just don’t say it’s a government job!” I replied “Oh no, nothing like that. I’m a bookie.” He said, ”Okay, you’re what we now call an entrepreneur.” Then he demanded to know why it was only part-time and only going to last a month (and something about getting a bonus for finding people who would say full-time and permanent, but I digress). He told me “My bookie works year round, there’s always a game to bet on.” I explained that it was nothing like that and that I know absolutely nothing about handicapping football or the MLB playoffs, what I really know is politics. At that point he said, “I hate to burst your bubble but they’re already taking bets on the election in Vegas.” (And he seemed to sound as though he was getting perturbed with our conversation. Typical government employee!)  I fired back with “No! I’m taking bets on one part the vice presidential debate. Which foot Biden will stick in his mouth first.” He whispered “Put me down for the left for five hundred.


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    • You may already be a winner!
      Dear NSA, I received an email from the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes this morning, I won! In my excitement I deleted the email in error and must respond to them by tonight. Can you please send me a copy? ×0

    • Just Google it!
      I guess I still don't know why the NSA needs Prism when Obama's got Eric Schmidt and Google.

    • Meanwhile, back on Walton’s mountain
      Good Night Mary Ellen. Good Night Jim Bob. Good Night John Boy. Good Night NSA Jo.

    • The all new and improved DOJ
      The DOJ Inspector General is expected to find there was nothing inappropriate or illegal with the James Rosen search warrant, the IG does recommend however that the DOJ name be changed to "Department of Domestic Overreach" or "DODO". ×0

    • Eric Holder’s iTunes download
      Eric Holder's theme song for the day: 'One is the Loneliest Number'

    • Suggestions for Holder’s “Ask Eric” party
      Eric Holder should really consider an open bar and free pizza to lure more news organizations to his big pow wow. If that doesn't work he could always call it his "retirement party". ×0

    • A rainy Rose Garden
      I'm not at all surprised that Obama didn't hold his own umbrella in the Rose Garden, but I'm astonished it wasn't a golf umbrella. ×0

    • Fiscal restraint through writer’s cramp
      My new plan to get the government from printing more worthless money: Pass a law requiring treasury secretary Jack Lew to personally sign each new bill... Legibly. ×0

    • Obama’s pressers greatest lines
      Obama on Jason Collins' coming out: "... still 7 foot tall and can bang with Shaq and ya know, deliver a hard foul..." Words which will live in infamy. ×0

    • New Tom Brokaw book
      Tom Brokaw's next book title: "The Dumbest Generation Ever - My Autobiography" ×0

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