Benghazi, the “movie” and Obama’s campaign – connecting the dots

By: John Richards Posted: October 15, 2012 No Comments

Obama administration officials today, both past and present (which is just another way of saying current White House staffers and those who took a sabbatical to work as senior campaign officials), “leaked” word of a possible super secret attack on the terrorists who killed our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans. Well so much for super secret part of the deal. The only element of surprise left will be where the killers scattered off to after seeing the report about it on the Al Jazeera network. But what should come as absolutely no surprise is the timing of it all. There is a debate tomorrow night after all.

Not being one who gives much credence to conspiracy theories I do believe in strategies and connecting the dots. Last winter on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show I predicted the at some point after the first debate we would find ourselves involved in some urgent military confrontation where Obama would either cancel his debate appearance (I had expected him to do well if not win) with some line like “As ‘YOUR’ commander in chief I can’t let politics detract from my duty to keeps Americans safe and focus on our troops, our American treasure, that I’ve had to put in harms way.” At the very least he would have owned the bully pulpit on being, and acting as, the commander in chief.

But how did we get to this point? It’s time to connect some dots. First we had repeated requests for additional security for our people in Libya go ignored. In fact security was downsized despite all the small attacks increasing in frequency.

Then there was the “movie”, the “film”, the “trailer” that got the terrorists panties all in a knot. That was the administration’s reason for all that happened there. If you haven’t seen the trailer it’s time you had a look (the links at the bottom of the article). Remember Roger Corman, producer of the absolute worst horror and science fiction movies from the ‘50s? He was noted, and proud, of his terrible productions. He would have given this thing two thumbs up for cinematography. I laughed for 13 minutes straight just as if I were watching a Corman film. It was so bad that it had to be intentional. Bad enough to make sure no one would think this was connected to anyone but a nut case. So bad that it actually took talent to make it look that bad. The fact is there is no movie, only the “trailer”.  Have you ever heard of a producer who puts a trailer together before making the movie? Neither have I, and neither have some of my friends in the business.

The third dot were the denials. Before the smoke had cleared over the consulate compound everyone in the administration and their brother was denying that our government, and particularly this administration, had anything to do with the video. And they’re still on the denial bandwagon. Remember the line “thou doth protest too much’? Where’s the next denial going to come from, Michelle’s hairdresser?

Moving on to the fourth dot the question is who put this thing together? It looks like two hours of shooting with a camcorder, one very bright light and a one night post production session fueled by six or seven cases of Budweiser. We do know someone named Nakoula Nakoula is responsible for it. We know he likes and needs money. And we know he committed credit card fraud to get money. So why’d he put this piece of junk out? It would be hard to believe, given his past, that he thought of this all by his lonesome. So the question is who approached him and how much did he make off of it. Some reports say it was funded by an Obama donor to the tune of a million dollars. The answer is “Who knows!” But it sure doesn’t seem like a coincidence that we have an election coming up.

The fifth dot is the attack itself. It was well planned and well executed on an outpost that was, simply put, totally undefended. All this at a time when anyone with a brain knew security should have been increased.

Yet another dot (notice that we’ve arrived at the point where there’s so many dots we now have a line) is the length of the attack. Reports now put it at anywhere from six to eight hours. And the State Department was watching real time video from virtually the moment it began. Where was our military? Where were the Apache attack choppers? Where were the marines? What happened to this nimble fast reaction military we’ve been told we have transitioned to?

The final dot is tomorrow night’s debate and today’s leak of plans for an assault on the killers.

Will we ever know with any certainty if this chain of dots connects? Probably not. Nor will we know if Americans were sacrificed for a campaign. But something sure reeks.

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