Barack Obama, Candy Crowley and Debategate

By: John Richards Posted: October 20, 2012 No Comments

What would a Barack Obama campaign be without a “Debategate”? Well the word honest comes to mind.

But then comes moderator Candy Crowley and the first thing you can do is throw “fair and balanced” out the window and fill the void with “fairly unbalanced”. And that’s exactly what she delivered.

Meanwhile Candy winks at Obama.

The town-hall farce

To begin with the so-called town-hall debate format is a recipe for disaster. Whenever you have Joe (or Jo) average undecided voter formulating questions three things happen and none of them good.

After all of the campaigning, the speeches, the conventions, the TV ads, the mailings and the endless phone calls is there anyone left who is truly undecided? To be undecided at this point, by and large means one of two things, either you’ve just off the spaceship from that long flight home from Mars or, and this may come as a real shocker so sit down now, the debate questioner is, gasp, lying about being undecided. But what does integrity matter when your fifteen seconds of fame throwing that gotcha question at the candidate you don’t like is at stake. After all you wouldn’t want to bear the responsibility for the collapse of American pop culture.

If that isn’t bad enough most average town-hall inquisitors are like most Americans; woefully uninformed. It isn’t that none of them watch the news or read papers, although far too many don’t, it’s what they are spoon fed by a very biased media. When something as important as the presidency is at stake do you want debate questions coming from people who formulate opinions based on the insane ramblings of David Letterman, Jon Stewart or, shudder, Whoopi Goldberg?

Finally, as was the case in the Candyland debate, all of the undecided voters were reportedly from the single county surrounding the debate site. Honestly, how can 81 people on Long Island, just 25 miles away from Manhattan, accurately reflect the entire nation?

Meanwhile Candy winks at Obama.

The bias

The debate itself was carefully negotiated by both sides months before the event. The location, the staging, the moderator, who would select the town-hall participants, how they would be selected and the rules of conduct for the moderator. And that was that. But wait! At the the eleventh hour (and fifty ninth minute, but who’s counting) Candy Crowley unilaterally decided she would inject herself into the debate by asking follow up questions if a candidate, at the sole whim of her infinite wisdom, was deemed as not answering the questioned posed. Of course if either party refused her edict they would be excoriated in the press and accused of being afraid of a tough question.

Meanwhile Candy winks at Obama.

What we do know is there were 81 questions submitted to Crowley. And we know that eleven were asked  during the debate. What we don’t know is what the seventy unused questions asked. That might have given all of us a little better indication of just how fair this moderator was. But, alas, we’ll never know.

Crowley’s bias was exposed early, actually with the first question, when Obama in his final retort to Romney spewed a pile of accusations running out the clock for the segment. (Who ever said Obama’s debate prep of basketball wouldn’t pay off?) Crowley, arms flapping in the wind as giant wings, crowing we’re out of time when Romney wanted to rightfully respond. She demonstrated her bias, proved Big Bird was indeed at the debate and why “crow” is one syllable of her name.

Forget about the stupid question she allowed from Katherine Fenton, a single early 20′s woman who asked what each candidate would do to end the earnings gender inequality between men and women. You know, the one that played right into Obama’s ‘war on women” narrative complete with a bogus statistic to back her argument. Never mind that she looked young enough to never have experienced real life like the more than 680,000 women who have joined the ranks of the unemployed since Obama took office. Maybe she’s related to Sandra Fluke. Same mindset, different entitlement.

Then there was undecided voter Susan Katz who’s question to Mitt was how are you going to be different than that evil George Bush who caused all our problems. About the only thing that woman was undecided about was what to wear to the debate. And she got that choice wrong too, but I digress. What  was even worse was Candy Crowley allowing Obama to answer a question directed to Mitt Romney.  Had Crowley not been so biased she would have asked Obama why he’s done so much worse with the economy in his first term than Bill Clinton. Yeah, I know, fat chance.

Bias established.

Meanwhile Candy winks at Obama.

Is it Debategate?

There’s been a lot of speculation bantered about that Crowley or her crew may have supplied the Obama camp with some of the questions. Coincidences happen but how many does someone need to see before they say “Whoaa!!”. And that’s what happened when the terrorist attack in Benghazi was brought up.  This thing wasn’t just rehearsed, it was choreographed.

The one complete truth is that Mitt Romney was correct in clearly stating Obama did not refer to the terrorist attack as a terrorist attack on September 12th in the Rose Garden. Plain and simple. That means, in no uncertain terms, Barack Obama lied about calling it a terrorist attack during his, thankfully short but still rambling, address in the Rose Garden. He clearly said it was a spontaneous riot caused by a movie and only made a passing reference to “acts of terror” that no one would construe as calling this terrorist act an act of terror, even people who don’t speak English.

So lets set the stage, and I do mean stage. Candy decided to spread some sugar Obama’s way and become Romney’s second opponent of the night. Tag team debating if you will. Romney had Obama pinned down asking Obama if his statement of  September 12th was for the record as he moved toward Crowley. Meanwhile Obama bellowed “get the transcript”. “Get the transcript”? What moderator brings transcripts to a debate? That’s got to be a first. But Crowley, right on cue, picked up a piece of paper and said the transcript showed Obama was right. Who knows if that was just a piece of paper or the transcript but Romney blinked a bit. He’s not a man who likes to say something unless he’s absolutely certain. Yet another coincidence too many. And then on cue, Obama as if he’d rehearsed it all day, spiked the ball half shouting “Can you say that a little louder Candy.” And then the “spontaneous” clapping began to seal the deal and shut Romney down. Spontaneously led of course by Michelle Obama. (So much for Gallup’s ability to find an “undecided” voter group.) The timing was impeccable. And it all happened on the one issue that could have destroyed Obama. Apparently producers of the show decided against having Crowley climb up on the desk and breakout in a rendition of “Stand by Your Man”. Pity, it would have made for great entertainment.

Sadly most Americans will never actually view the Rose Garden video (click here to watch) for themselves. Instead they’ll simply believe what the main stream media tells them to believe and forget what they saw with their own lying eyes.

Is this Debategate? Decide for yourself.

Meanwhile Candy winks at Obama.


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