Benghazi, three pleas for help, three pleas denied

By: John Richards Posted: October 26, 2012 No Comments

Thanks to a lot of great investigative reporting, especially Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin, and some apparent whistleblowers who put country above Obama’s reelection, we now know that in all probability American lives in Benghazi could have been saved. We also should have learned a lesson about cowardice.

For over two weeks we’ve heard a president blame a thirteen minute video for a well planned and executed terrorist attack on a day when we should have extra vigilant for just that. All that so a reelection campaign could hide from the fact yet another Muslim terrorist attack against our country had been successful.

So why not stop the terrorists from completing the mission? Well it wouldn’t have played well with the Libyans who love us so much for liberating them from their evil dictator who no longer posed a threat to our country. The same Libyans who have made it clear that if we kill any of their fellow Muslims on Libyan soil they will kill us. So not wanting to create an international incident (also known as a reelection campaign incident that could cost Obama his highly coveted Islamic vote), we responded to the real international incident, the attack on the consulate, with… less than nothing. Nothing would have been just not responding, less than nothing would be denying requests for help three times. And that is precisely what Team Obama did.

For weeks now we’ve heard absurd explanations like “It’s not our policy to respond in less than 24 hours” or “we didn’t know who to shoot at” or “we didn’t want to cause civilian casualties” and the latest “we don’t put troops at risk in unknown situations”. (Apparently drone attacks that cause collateral damage in Yemen, Afghanistan and “Pock-ee-ston” from drone attacks are different that any potential collateral damage in Libya, (Don’t mind me I’m just pointing out the obvious hypocrisy here.) And now as part of this administrations continuing narrative of covering their butts, deflecting and dismissing the truth Leon Panetta calls it all “Monday morning quarterbacking”. Mr. Panetta, that was quite a few Monday’s ago now. Any big league team would have replaced the quarterback weeks ago.

The simple fact is Obama’s inaction emboldened the terrorists and proved that even the greatest military in history is worthless without a real commander-in-chief. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, James Clapper, Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton and David Patraeus, you are all cowards not worthy of calling yourselves “Americans”. The ultimate blame belongs to the president, decisions like these aren’t made ay pay grades lower that the president. But then again I’m sure we all understand it was far more important to attend that campaign rally and fundraiser rather than lift a finger to save American lives or hang around the situation room to watch them die before your eyes on a live video feed.

Cowards may be to kind of a word, accomplice to murder is far more accurate.

This nation was built, sustained and defended by heroes. Heroes just like Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. For that kind of bravery better administrations than the current regime created the Congressional Medal of Honor. If we follow the practices that that are now called “policy” (well at least to rationalize this latest fiasco) we might as well do away with the CMH. After all, if a brave American soldier doesn’t respond for 24 hours or if he decided he’s uncertain of the outcome before trying to save a fellow soldier against seemingly insurmountable odds, who needs the CMH. Name one CMH recipient who stopped to think about and weigh the possible outcomes before acting.  (Of course Obama still needs them for his photo ops.)

Obama took the oath of office. He lied! Then he surrounded himself with cowards whose sole mission is to tell even more lies to protect him. Little wonder Obama is crisscrossing the country imploring everyone to vote early before they find out what kind of person is asking for their vote.


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