Gun control hypocrisy, or “Is my money not green enough?”

By: John Richards Posted: February 19, 2013 No Comments

So Comcast has decided to deny gun shops, most sporting goods stores and target ranges the right to advertise on their cable systems. Beyond not doing one single thing to stop gun violence how many other ways is this wrong. Is it discrimination? Yes. Is it the height of hypocrisy? Yes, and in so many ways.

So how is this discrimination? It’s their business and they can control what they choose to allow as ads. Well maybe. Except they’ve decided to promote themselves to the ultimate censors of what we’re allowed to see. And remember, the ads we’re talking about here are for entirely legal products being sold subject to a ton of regulations and the ownership of them is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Something that had a lot more thought put into by far wiser people than those who pull policies out of the air, or elsewhere, as they seem to do at Comcast.

Selling advertising is just one of Comcast’s business segments. It is essentially a store where businesses go to purchase the product, advertising, that works best for them. Beer companies advertise during every sporting event. Performance auto parts manufacturers buy ad time during races. You go to the store and buy what you need. Is what Comcast is doing any different than for example a restaurant where say a black man, or any other minority for that matter, walks in and is told they won’t serve him. He’s doing nothing illegal, the Constitution as well as a boatload of federal and state laws say he has right to service. And let’s not forget the criminal charges the Justice Department would bring along with the media tsunami that would wash the business away. So how is Comcast’s ad “store” any different? It’s not. But it is discrimination, and it is every bit as wrong as deciding who can eat in a restaurant.

Now on to the hypocrisy.

Since Comcast has anointed themselves as the Bureau of Censorship what about the programming they carry? Say you had their digital preferred plan and tallied up all the gun murders from all the channels. You’d probably see more gun murders in one day than occur nationwide in a month. If Comcast’s management feels so strongly about guns why show them on the programming they air numbing us to their effect  but not in ads for legal businesses that aren’t advocating gun violence. Oh wait, revenue from gun related ads is non-existent when compared to the subscriber revenue that keeps them in business.

But the hypocrisy gets worse.

Unless the business model for pay-per-view movies has changed in the last twenty or so years Comcast is a full partner with the movie studios in airing shootings with Comcast providing the platform, studios the content both splitting the gross revenues. Simply put, the more shooting they sell, the more money they make. Although it does make me wonder what Comcast would do if someone made a movie portraying gun shows in a favorable light.

And don’t forget Comcast’s NBC subsidiary. Can you imagine Law and Order SVU lasting more than one episode without someone getting shot?

But it doesn’t end there.

I’ve talked to some gun shop owners in areas under Comcast’s control who are still receiving solicitations from Comcast for phone and internet services to help “grow your business”. It’s kind of like our black friend in the restaurant, after told they he can’t eat there he whispers “No, I don’t want to eat here, I need to buy phone and internet access.” and they waitress tells him they don’t sell that out of the front of the restaurant and directs him to the unmarked back door in the alley, adding “after all, we have an image to maintain.”

So what’s next?

Will Comcast save us from ourselves by blocking access to web sites that sell guns? I’m sure places like China and Iran can help with that sort of technology. Maybe they’ll check our email content for words that could be gun related and delete those messages. Hey, if Google can scan emails I’m sure Comcast can figure it out.

Could it be that Obama’s visit to the home of Comcast’s CEO a few months ago was for more than just thanking him for a campaign contribution?


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