If it saves just one life, ending Islamic immigration

By: John Richards Posted: April 19, 2013 No Comments

Maybe it’s time we should apply the liberal’s gun control logic when it comes to terrorism. How many times have you heard the gun grabbers say “if it saves just one life it’s worth it”? Well maybe we should apply this line of thinking to Muslim immigration. Just simply end it.

This isn’t to say all Muslims are terrorists, just as all gun owners aren’t crazed mass murderers. The difference is coming here is a privilege, while being a law abiding citizen affords you the rights under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It’s time we face some undeniable facts, facts that are set in stone, unchangeable.

Muslims are not like us.

It stems from the basic premise that they value death more than we value life. A belief that flies in the face of everything we believe in, our Judeo-Christian values. The values that guided the birth of this country, our constitution, our way of life.

They are not like us.

We believe in the freedom to worship, or not worship, as we please without government imposing on or interfering with our faith (although even that is under attack by the Obama administration). On the other hand Muslims believe government and Islam are one in the same. Their “faith” is one of barbaric torture and punishments for the so-called crime of not believing as they do.

Women, by their definition, are nothing more than chattel, without value, without rights. Really nothing more than breeders. And if their women act out against the beliefs of Islam they are subject to possibly becoming a victim in an “honor killing”, something permitted by their Sharia law.

They are not like us.

Muslims do not assimilate into American society like other immigrants. In generations past immigrants came to this land proud to become part of the American experience. Proud to take on the values of their new home, to learn, understand and honor our history and constitution, to pledge allegiance to our flag and then take a solemn oath to become citizens. Just as my grandfather did when he came here alone from Lithuania at seventeen. He didn’t come here to change America, he came to become part of it. To learn our language, our ways, our laws and become a citizen. And then to fight for it in our army.

Far too many Muslims come here to change us. They bring with them their desire for Sharia law and intolerance of personal rights and freedoms. And worse, we allow them to use our laws to give legitimacy to theirs. For the most part I don’t think it’s because Americans are stupid, but rather it’s because we don’t understand them and what motivates them.

They are not like us.

Go to Western Europe where Muslim immigration has gone on longer than it has here. You hear them speak of the “Muslim problem” as something that threatens their national identities. Where Islamic beliefs and “rights” trump, interfere and interrupt the freedoms people in those nations took for granted.

And yet we allow more and more Muslim immigration despite the European results. To make matters even worse, if that’s possible, we don’t even try to deport those who overstay their visas. We don’t even have a clue where they are. As the saying goes “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Okay, maybe our leaders are stupid after all.

They are not like us.

Islam dictates that those of us who do not believe are infidels who should be killed or made subservient and pay tribute to the superior Muslim believers.

Want proof? Just look at the persecution, torture and barbaric murders being perpetrated son Egypt’s Coptic Christians since the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammad Morsi was voted in as that country’s to become their latest dictator. And our response give them even more foreign aid and some of our best weaponry. Okay, our leaders are really stupid.

They are not like us.

Yet we continue to allow them to come when all evidence indicates we can’t stop or interdict them prior to their attacking us. Until the Boston Marathon bombings the Obama was loathe to call a successful terrorist attack a terrorist attack. When the Fort Hood shootings are referred to as “workplace violence” you know our leaders aren’t leaders.

Even when an attack doesn’t work as planned we still aren’t told it’s a terrorist attack. Examples include the shoe bomber, the underwear (or as I call him, the “crotch”) bomber or the Times Square bomber. At best these people are referred to as thwarted terror attacks.

The plain and simple truth is these were successful acts of terrorism. We were just lucky, that’s all. Lucky that they didn’t build bombs that would work or didn’t properly detonate them. For all the invasions on our privacy, for the taking away of our rights, these people still flew under the radar.

And now the Obama’s Department of Homeland Security wants to give Saudi Arabia the privilege of being part of the “trusted traveler” program. Yes, the country that gave us fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 terrorists. Okay, our leaders are unbelievably stupid.

They are not like us.

And now we have The Boston Marathon terrorists attack. Something even Obama’s people can’t wiggle out of calling terrorism. No video that they can try to blame as they originally tried to with the Benghazi terrorist attack. To date four dead and it’s not over yet. About fifteen innocent people now missing limbs. Lives changed and destroyed forever. A major city and its surrounding suburbs, the home of the American Revolution is on lockdown, many of its residents terrified, locked in their homes and told to only open their doors to uniformed officers. And you have to ask, “Why? For what?”

But how do we stop it? What can we learn from this to make sure it never happens again?

These terrorists were different. They came here as children. They lived in the American experience. They benefitted from all we as a nation have to offer. These were not the people who’ve attacked us in the past. These were bombs waiting for someone to activate them and start the timer. They listened to the so-called Islamic clergymen. These were two brothers who, had they never been let into this country, would not have had the ability to destroy so many American lives.

They are not like us.

The answer is amazingly simple. We can’t know if, when or who will become radicalized. We can’t monitor each and every one of them. We can’t peer into their brains. We can’t change what they believe. We can’t prevent them from becoming radicalized. Most Americans have never heard the term “Islamic Caliphate” much less know what it means. More importantly, we shouldn’t have to do any of this. As the gun grabbers say “If it saves just one life it’s worth it.” It’s long past time for us to cease extending the privilege of immigration and travel to those who very existence is so contrary to everything that has made us who and what we are. It’s worth it and our nation future depends on it.

They are not like us. They do not like us.


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