Where’s their ammo coming from?

By: John Richards Posted: May 17, 2013 No Comments

So I turned on the TV last night and, as usual, a gagillion channels and nothing to watch. So we fired up the police scanner app to see what was going on in Detroit. And like every other night, first thing you hear… “Shots fired at…” Quickly followed by “Shots heard near the intersection of…” But to break the monotony “Man chasing a woman down the street, he’s shooting at her…” Then, two cars racing northbound, they’re shooting at each other…” In other words just another typical night in the big city.

And speaking of big cities, the very same things were going on in Chicago and Los Angeles. The only difference were the accents and the street names.

This isn’t about gun control. The people shooting these guns aren’t legal gun owners. They couldn’t pass a background check to save their lives. Most are already felons who will never be allowed to legally own a gun. Besides, gun control will never stop these people. Guns are a tool of the trade for drug dealers, they’ll just smuggle them in with the drugs. And we all know what a roaring success the government’s drug interdiction efforts are.

No. What this is about is bullets.

A whole lot of rounds get fired off in every big city each night. (Thank God the vast majority of those trigger happy morons are really bad shots.) What’s confusing me is where’s their ammo coming from? There’s a huge shortage of ammo going on coast-to-coast. Go to a gun shop and all you see are virtually bare shelves, especially .223 caliber and 9mm rounds. And generally speaking these shooters’ idea of long term planning is what they’re going to do an hour from now, not planning for a long term ammunition shortage. It’s gotten so bad the Los Angeles police have actually resorted to using BB guns for target practice.

And if you can find any ammunition you also find the price has gone through the roof and many stores are rationing how much you can purchase. I recently read an article about a couple in California who drove for three hours from store to store and still came home empty handed.

And yet the shooting continues unabated in urban areas night after night.

What’s causing this shortage is no secret. It’s the Department of Homeland Security. They seem to be buying up every round they can spend our money on. So far over two billion rounds. Enough to put 6 rounds into everyone in this country, illegal aliens included. Why they seem to think they need that many rounds remains a mystery. I’m sure Janet Napolitano knows but she isn’t talking. It could be de facto gun control or just maybe she’s watched one to many episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’. Whatever it is, it is creepy.

But it still doesn’t explain where all the ammo’s coming from for the nightly shooting festival. Wait a minute… You don’t suppose they’re getting their ammo from the… Nah, something like that could never happen in this country.


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