The IRS plan for government by, of, and for the Democrats gets audited

By: John Richards Posted: June 4, 2013 No Comments

After spending another four hours on the third or fourth House hearing on the scandal ridden IRS (with so many scandals it’s hard to keep track) I’ve come to two major conclusions.

First, House Democrats on the Way and Means Committee, especially Reps. Neal, McDermott, Blumenauer (aka Rep. Big Bright Green Bicycle Lapel  Pin <snicker> sorry, can’t help it <snicker>) and Kind, do not understand the English language.

Second, none of the committee’s Democrats are capable of thinking beyond new ways of saying the White House had nothing to do with the harassment of conservative groups.

And, believe it or not, this all stems from two words, the first being “welfare”. The instant that word is placed into a sentence they are blinded to any and all other words. Not just in that particular sentence, but the entire paragraph. Democrats have absolutely no ability to comprehend that there may be more than one definition of welfare. That it just might mean more than giving away as much money as they can steal from someone else for no apparent reason other than to curry favor and, of course, buy a votes.

The other word they find impossible to comprehend is “social”. As soon as you put the word “social” out there Democrat’s eyes light up like high-beam headlamps on a dark night. And why not, it’s just a few letters short of “socialism”, the only word they hold with more reverence than “welfare”.

But “social” too has many definitions and contexts and one of those is as in “society”. You know, when you’re talking about you, me and them. All of us as a whole. It’s all so foreign to Democrats.

Democrats just don’t understand English.

When you use social and welfare consecutively in a sentence… well now we’re talking about liberal nirvana. To put it into perspective for those unfamiliar with nirvana, it’s like being an IRS employee finding out they’re flying on the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise on an all expenses paid junket to Gilligan’s Island to learn how to line dance to the Cuban Shuffle… while getting paid for it all!

Democrats just don’t get it. In their world social welfare only means taking from one group and giving it the other. They look at the world as haves and have-nots and that haves do not have a right to the fruits of their labor. That somehow those with less deserve more and those with more deserve less (unless of course you’re a member of Congress meaning that you belong to the very special class referred to as “The Elites” where insider trading is legal). It’s of no concern to them how hard you work or how much you paid, or went into debt, to further your education. Everyone should have the same result.

This is the Democrats inability to think.

To any other person with anything in excess of two brain cells “social welfare” can only be interpreted by the age old, but swiftly diminishing, process commonly referred to as thinking. And it’s safe to say most would agree that it’s a way of saying the welfare of society, the health, wealth and sustainability of the nation. All of that equates into something called “the common good”.

It’s a subjective valuation. But to be accurate it must be looked at not just where we are today, it must include our history, how did we as a nation get to be where we are today, what worked and what didn’t. And it should include learning from the mistakes of other countries. The old saying “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it” isn’t still around just because some pompous derrieres thought it sounded cool. Oh yeah, you also have to be able to think.

It’s far more fitting, in the context of history, to say that a limited government promotes social welfare. No one can possibly argue that self-sufficiency and self-determination aren’t positives for the social welfare. A vibrant economy is undeniably good for the social welfare and the strength of the nation. Teaching the value and sanctity of life certainly is good for society as is teaching just what really happens in abortion clinics. Promoting and teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights, not only built our nation it’s vital to our social welfare and freedom. But more than just being good and appropriate things all of the above are our rights. And who would have ever thought we would have to fight for our Constitutional Rights to teach about our Constitutional Rights?

And all of this being as true as it is gives us the right for people to create organizations that promote these values. Thanks to the liberal left and all of their self-described (self-anointed) “social concerns”, politics and social welfare are almost one in the same and yet Democrats on the House ways and Means Committee want conservative voices to believe otherwise. To not have the same rights as those who agree with the Democrats. To be silenced. Rep. McDermott essentially said conservative groups brought this harassment on themselves for simply speaking their minds as an organization. When you stop to think about it his thinking is analogous to blaming a rape victim for her rape.

It’s insanity. And it’s illegal. Democrats pledge to hold those responsible accountable, but they don’t bother to define accountable. In the real world being held accountable for crimes means being prosecuted for those crimes. Not asked to resign. Not “removed from their position” only to land in another government job. And not placed on paid administrative leave. It’s time the government in the same nation of laws it imposes on the citizens of this nation.

It’s insanity, and this insanity must end.

(Big bright green bicycle lapel pins included.)


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