What you should know about Samantha Power

By: John Richards Posted: June 5, 2013 No Comments

Forget about Susan Rice being named National Security Advisor. Forget about the fact she was handed the Benghazi talking points and like a little robot took them to be the truth. And forget about the fact she, as our Ambassador to the United Nations, didn’t apply any simple, much less critical, thinking to the events already widely reported that night in Benghazi.

Forget about all of it. Obama wants her there. Its Obama’s payback for Republicans who tanked her bid for Secretary of State. Forget about her competency to do the job. If competency were a requirement in this administration Obama would have fired himself long ago. It’s a done deal. No senate confirmation is required.

What’s frightening here is who Obama’s tapped to replace her at the United Nations, Samantha Power, who until a few months ago served as a special advisor, senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council (yeah, your guess is as good as mine about what that means, but I suspect it has something to do with her serving as Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager).

But who is she? What’s she about and what is it that floats her boat?

Power’s claim to fame is human rights. In fact she’s written about and even won a Pulitzer Prize. Not to take anything away from her for this achievement but who doesn’t like “human rights”? Once upon a time everybody in this country believed in human rights. I mean if she won a Pulitzer for writing about a more obscure topic, say the mating habits of albino wombats, even I would be impressed and filled with admiration.

But under the mantle of human rights she’s really more of a proponent of humanitarian assistance. Something far murkier than what those two words imply. This is about a whole lot more than food and medicine.

Power was one of, if not the most powerful, pun intended, proponent in the White House decision to use monumental military force to oust Muammar Gaddafi after Obama’s pronouncement that “Gaddafi has lost his legitimacy to rule”. We accomplished this by bombing the living daylights out of Muammar Gaddafi’s army and air force all the while arming “rebels” to the teeth that we truly knew nothing about.

Remember, the Libya attack came after Tunisia, after Egypt. There was plenty of empirical data available about the results of the so-called Arab Spring. As an analyst and decision makers Samantha Power couldn’t have been further away from “operating in a vacuum”.

So what was the result?

Gaddafi’s dead and gone. Not that that makes us any safer. Gaddafi had seen the light when George Bush demonstrated what we do to rogue nations with WMD. And it definitely wasn’t by leading from behind. Gaddafi gave up his WMD programs, gave up support of terrorism and was actually trying to make moves to move back into the circle of civilized nations. Yes, he was a ruthless dictator. But a ruthless dictator in a region of ruthless people, fighting under the banner of a ruthless, dictatorial religion/ideology.

Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood and the jihadists are now emboldened and in control, the few Christians there are quickly heading for extinction, we’ve won no hearts and minds, the mother, fathers, sister and brothers of Gaddafi’s lowly and now dead and maimed foot soldiers hate us, a slew of our advanced weapons remain in the hands of evil people, and lest we forget because it happened “a long time ago”, four Americans are dead. If this is humanitarian assistance please count me out. Who could’ve seen this one coming?

Power is known to shoot from the hip, often without having thought her words through before they pour from her mouth. Even calling Hillary Clinton a “monster” in the 2008 primary race, and yes, I know we’ve all called her that but we weren’t her opponent’s deputy campaign manager at the time. She isn’t what most people would refer to as being diplomatic which the same people would say is a prerequisite to being a diplomat.

And, as evidenced by the Libya foray, she seems to have difficulty anticipating all the possible outcomes before recommending action. She is not known for being a deep thinker. Again another trait that should be required for our diplomat to the world.

She also seems to have a real problem with equating war with genocide, two very different things. Power has shown an animus toward Israel with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, even to the extent of saying that rather than helping the Israeli’s to maintain their military superiority (obvious to anyone but Power as being required to prevent genocide of Israelis) we should be “investing” in a Palestinian state. That somehow, in her consciousness, Israelis are the ones who would/are the genocidal nation. Even more disconcerting, she sees a role for our military in stopping Israel’s military since they remain the regional super power and any use of their superior force is some form of genocide. She seems to ignore the history of Israel using overwhelming force to defeat military objectives with a minimum of civilian casualties nor do the Israelis use suicide bombers to blow up civilian busses and retail shops. Precisely the same thing our military strives to accomplish.

This woman is more than unfit for the job, she’s dangerous. And certainly the last thing we need representing our nation in an already dangerous world.


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